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Inked Voices - Share your voice, exchange feedback and become a better writer.

For hundreds of years—thousands if you count the Socrates school—writers have come together to read one another's work and exchange feedback.

Inked Voices is a platform built for that process. We’re a place for writers who want a community of support and learning while sweating in the trenches of drafting, revising and rewriting.

With Inked Voices, writing groups and workshops can collaborate intimately despite distance and strange schedules. We are not a giant critique forum, but a collection of small workshopping communities.

If you’re looking for a better way to run your writing group, help finding your own small community, or a tool for workshopping in your class or MFA program, we would be glad to help you.

Tell me more about the plans

How it works

Collaborate in a private online workspace. Each Inked Voices group is its own online workshop.

Submit a document.


Submissions post to your group workspace. Members receive an email to critique it by the deadline.

Critique a document.


Members go to the group to critique, making inline and overall comments on a clean copy.

Review a document.


Critiques display on a single document, visible to the whole group. Save a PDF of your critiqued work.

Inked Voices is tailored to online workshops. Dig details? Explore our features.

I came to Inked Voices to join a community of other women poets who would provide each other feedback on our work in a safe environment. I have found the critiquing tool to be easy to navigate and user friendly, with the capability to give line-by-line and overall, high-level feedback. What has been so valuable to me is the virtual workshop environment has allowed all of us to share work in progress in a timely manner and get the early feedback we need to go improve our work.”
—Yvonne Higgins Leach

What you can do here

Build Community

Find the community you need to complement your individual process.

  • Participate in critique or accountability-only groups. Most groups are 5-15 members strong.
  • Stay motivated during writing challenges with event groups. Our NaNoWriMo winners cranked out over one million words this past November.
Learn more about matching with a group.
I stumbled across Inked Voices by accident, but was hooked by its simplicity, the personal help finding a suitable group, and the small-group intimacy. Brooke was great in helping me find my way and continues to be accessible and open to our ideas... I feel part of an intimate community, and am overjoyed with the experience.”
Get (and Give) Feedback

Improve your writing by exchanging feedback with fellow writers.

  • Exchange material with your writing group.
  • Get feedback from friends, colleagues and beta readers too. Email non-members a link to review your work.
The critique and review pages are smooth, intuitive, and helpful for both the people critiquing and the person submitting. It crushes anything out there!”
—Rob Adams

Hone your craft through learning opportunities and professional feedback.

  • Attend lectures on writing and revision, delivered by writing teachers and editors. Participate live or listen on demand. Free for members.
  • Work with a professional editor, agent or writing teacher in our ultra-small workshops and First Pages events. Members get special rates.
On a whim, I signed up for the Powerful Objects webinar the night before. It was a complete surprise in the best sense of the word. Not only were the exercises fresh, exciting, and thought-provoking, but one of them resulted in a major epiphany for me in a play I've been working on for several years!”
—Gail Marlene Schwartz

Designed for Writing Groups

Collaborate, wherever you are. With everything in one workspace for all to see, your group is connected and free to collaborate. Workshop-centered tools make it easy.

Built-in Workshop Workflow

Submissions have a critique period, followed by a review period for Q&A. After, critiqued work leaves the group and is retained on the author’s Dashboard.

Private Workspaces

Groups are invitation-based, private to members, and hideable.


Built-in deadlines, action items and email notifications keep the group on track.

Flexible and Customizable

Decide deadlines, max word counts, group size and admissions standards. Edit any time.

Easy to Administer

Send reminders, invite or remove members, and adjust deadlines. Have one or more leaders.

Easily Give Feedback

Make inline and overall comments. Critiques auto-save and are editable.

Critique a Clean Copy

Stay objective by critiquing a clean copy. Read completed critiques in a separate window to learn from group comments.

Get Critiques Outside a Group

Non-members can review your work, too. Send friends and beta readers an email link to critique.

Easily Review Feedback

Review and compare all critiques in a single document. Filter by reviewer.

Save Critiques

View your critiqued work on your Dashboard anytime. Save or print as a PDF.

Having a group of fellow authors who can provide objective insight on your work makes all the difference. The problem with most such groups is that they meet in person and that involves time, travel in inclement weather, and the need to coordinate everyone’s busy schedule. Inked Voices provides the ideal solution. If you’re looking to form your own writing community and are looking for an effective way to make that happen, I highly recommend Inked Voices.”
—Jack Maconaghy

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