Hone Your Whodunit • Last activity 30/Jun

Crime writers have quite a task: create a unique and involving story, build interesting characters and a convincing murder (or other crime), then plant relevant clues as well as red herrings and resolve them appropriately. Whew! It can help to have a sounding board to assess whether these elements come together and are believable. This group is a place to hone our whodunits in the company of other mystery writers. How did the killer get out of that locked room? What deflated the suspect's airtight alibi? Why was the body found three miles from the murder site? Let's help each other figure it out!

Note I: This is NOT a critique group, but rather a place to help one another untangle those knotty plot problems we all face. 

Note II: You are welcome to use another member's suggestion within your plot, but the main plot structure of your novel should be in place before you ask a specific question. For example, posting "What would it look like to set a murder mystery in the Louvre?" would be too general. We are looking for a fresh set of eyes, not someone else to write our story for us. 



Book-length works (Mystery, Crime, and Thriller)


A place for crime writers to help one another untangle knotty plot problems

Admissions Policies

All crime writers are welcome. Responses to individual posts are voluntary, but if a member hasn't responded for a while, we'll check in to see if they would like to continue with the group.