Novel Workshop

This is a group for writers looking to workshop novels or novellas in larger chunks. If your piece has sexual or violent content, please disclose it in submission notes. We want constructive criticism. We do not promote tearing someone's work apart for any reason. Please be able to include something positive with every critique. We are all here to learn.


Mystery, any, Science fiction/fantasy, Thriller, Paranormal, Paranormal Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural


To get feedback on full manuscripts.

Inactivity Policy

If you have not participated in the group with submissions, critiques or discussion for 30 days, we will email you to see if you still want to stay in the group. Because submissions are longer and the critique period is longer in this group, we understand that it may appear that a person isn't active, when in fact the person is in the midst of critique. Therefore, once you've read a piece through, let us know by sharing that info as a critique. Submit the "I've read it critique" with the date. Then, when ready to add your comments, please re-open your submitted critique with the Edit link and add them below the initial notes, along with the date. This lets people know that something is happening with the work.