Realistic adult fiction

This group is for writers of adult and young adult fiction focusing on realistic pieces, whether long fiction or short.


women's fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Short Stories, adult fiction


Let's set these together. Ideas: improve craft, make our stories better, share work more frequently.

Admissions Policies

Please share a short writing sample (250 words or less). You're welcome to trial the group and decide whether it is a fit for you.

What we're looking for in members

We're especially interested in members who are pursuing the study of craft and are willing to discuss craft topics in the group and/or share resources together. For critiques, we're looking for people who can give feedback at the story level -- plot, characters, pacing, dialogue. Grammar and spelling comments are optional. Members should be prepared to make inline comments and share at minimum a paragraph of feedback. Critiques do not need to be comprehensive, but they should also not be a 1-2 sentence reaction.

Inactivity Policy

Because this is a small group, participation by everyone is important. If you can't make a submission date, please plan to critique the submissions anyway. If the load becomes too much for the group, we will cap the members at a lower number than our current max (5).