That's The Way To Do It

Check in once a week on Sundays or Mondays with answers to the questions "What did you write this week?" and "What did you read this week?" This group is for people who want to check in and be checked on with their writing. **No critiques.** Sharing work is fine if it helps you stay accountable.




Keep writing. Make progress on our revisions. Finish our work.

Admissions Policies

Anyone who wants to work with a group to stay committed to their writing. Up to 10 writers.

What we're looking for in members

Weekly or bi-weekly check ins: share what you're working on. Encourage other members and share any tools/resources that are helpful to you in your writing process.

Inactivity Policy

Because this group doesn't work without active, engaged members, we will remove anyone we haven't heard from in 30 days. We will reach out to you before doing that though!