World Building, Character Building, & Outlining • Last activity 08/Apr

I love maps, designs, and backstory details that color our imaginative worlds. If you do too, this may be a resource and cork board to air your ideas and garner feedback. Does your world need a population, culture, geotechnical overview, science feasibility flyby? Ever ask these questions: How would my culture evolve over time? Or why do desert cultures wear thobes and not pants? Once you have your world, what characters are there in your story? How does the world influence them in outline? Does your character fit the world? Does your outline make sense?


Help authors build detailed and plausible environments and the characters therein, especially for alien planets or fantasy domains. Aid authors in visualizing important atmospherics.

Admissions Policies

Anyone designing a new work.

What we're looking for in members

Activity, curiousity, and an interest in the elements of detail.

Inactivity Policy

If inactive for 30 days then I'll send a message to see if you wish to stay.