Novel Critique Group: Path to Publication

A place for members to critique the novels of other members, chapter by chapter, from the beginning to the end, with the possibility of swapping completed manuscripts at the end.


Novels for adults.


To provide a small, engaged group for feedback and community, and to help each prepare our manuscripts for publication.

Admissions Policies

Potential members will be asked to submit a writing sample of around 250 words. After approval there will be a one-month trial to make sure it’s a good fit.

What we're looking for in members

Novel Critique Group is for experienced writers who have a complete or nearly complete draft of a novel and are ready to commit to a submission and critique process that takes place twice monthly. The manuscript should be ready for feedback at the story level, i.e., plot, characters, pacing and dialogue, and the writer should be prepared to critique at that same level; line editing alone is not enough. Our writers should also be readers who can comfortably discuss literary fiction. We are a serious bunch of writers and are looking for fellow competent writers to join us on the journey to publication.

Inactivity Policy

Because this is a small group, participation by everyone is important. If you can't present your own material on a given date, please plan to critique the other submissions anyway. Members who are inactive will be removed. If you need to take time off for a good reason, please let us know.