Writing to Publish • Last activity 14/Jun

This group is for people who desperately want to publish, and are working towards set deadlines and goals. Tired of seeing anthology deadlines and magazine open calls pass you by? This group can help you plan, draft, edit, hit that deadline, or even work up the confidence to submit at all. Say there's an anthology you'd like to submit to. Post your deadline, and submit your piece for critique. We can cheer you on, offer suggestions, and get you on your way to publication.


Set individual submission goals that challenge you.

Admissions Policies

Anyone is welcome, but bullying is not permitted. Any members giving overly harsh and nonconstructive critiques will be removed.

What we're looking for in members

We're looking for like minded people who are committed to submitting more this year than they did last year (even if that's just once). Preferably unagented, unpublished, but anyone with a commitment to writing to submit is welcome.

Inactivity Policy

2 months with no activity (comments, updates, submissions, critiques, etc.) will result in removal.