7 Day Deadline • Last activity 08/Apr

One of the struggles of being a writer is sitting in front of a blank screen. As author Niel Gaiman put it, “It is always you versus a blank sheet of paper, and often the blank piece of paper wins.” Any struggling writer has been there, and it stinks. This group is to help those of us who could benefit from a little extra push. Our goal is to set weekly deadlines, and encourage participation of this deadline by peer review. Every Monday a new chapter will be submitted and the group has until Sunday to write an overall review of that chapter. These will be constructive reviews aimed at giving helpful tips, asking questions to keep the author's ideas stirring, and to create the desire to want to get that next chapter out.


The goal of each individual is to write their next chapter, and our goal as the reader (peer review) is to comment on overall development of the chapter. Critiques here are not focused on in-line editing, but on content and direction. The reason for this method is based on the idea that the chapter we are reading has a following chapter that hasn't been written yet. We want to inspire ideas and keep thoughts churning for the writer. We will aim to motivate one another and push for our chapters.

Admissions Policies

All genres are welcome. Our group size will be about 5-6 people. Send a quick message to join, telling us about yourself and your WIP.

What we're looking for in members

We are seeking individuals who are in the process of writing a first draft and would benefit from the pressure of a deadline. One week is the goal per chapter, so you must be dedicated to getting your novel finished.

Inactivity Policy

This group is for people who are serious about getting their first draft completed. After three weeks of inactivity (unannounced) the group may seek to refill the spot.