The Page Turners

Thank you for your interest in The Page Turners. We are a small, no-stress group looking to give and receive constructive feedback on multiple genres submitted by our members. We are looking for members who are willing to read any genre (except erotica) and provide a thoughtful critique on the submission. Our members are currently working projects in the Fantasy and Thriller/Mystery genres. Most (if not all) of us are working towards publication. However, we are open to multiple genres and stages of writing, whether it be your 1st draft or your 10th. If you aren't able to participate or need to take a break from reading/posting, please send a message to the group and let us know.


Any except Erotica


To give and receive thoughtful, constructive critiques in the hopes of reaching our goals of publication.

Admissions Policies

If The Page Turners sounds like the right fit for you, please send a message and include a little about yourself/your work.

What we're looking for in members

Someone who is an avid reader of many genres and able to give thoughtful critiques on submissions in multiple genres.

Inactivity Policy

After 30 days of inactivity, I will send a message asking if you still want to be in the group. If I don't receive a message within a week, I'll remove you from the group.