Launchpad is an inclusive, participation-driven group dedicated to providing a forum for new members of the Inked Voices community. The goal is to provide an outlet for discussion, learning, and exploration. Launchpad acts as an introduction to the Inked Voices group critique model, providing authors with both constructive feedback as well as an opportunity to improve writing through the critiques of other authors’ works. We encourage submissions across all genres, experience levels, and states of completion. As Launchpad is a collective of writers who strive to work together to explore emerging ideas as well as hone established works, the only requirement for submission is a desire to improve your writing 2000 words (or less) at a time. Discussions can address any topic, from craft to mechanics to inspiration to the workings of Inked Voices.




To get quick turnaround feedback, to meet other writers, to improve our writing and editing skills. To get a feel for groups and be a resource for those with tech questions.

Admissions Policies

All new Inked Voices members are automatically invited to Launchpad. You can join and participate or join to see how groups work and ask questions and then leave the group. You can rejoin as you like; all you need do is ask!

Inactivity Policy

As this group is meant as an introduction to the Inked Voices community and critique group model, all members are encouraged to seek out permanent groups to join. Therefore, after three months, members will be removed.