The Story Forge

The Story Forge's goal is to improve our members' writing. We'll do that in two ways: (1) by together, as a group, breaking apart published short stories (so we can rob them of their magic for our own toolboxes), and (2) by helping one another draft, write, and polish our own short stories (so those little puppies get published) We focus on short stories, not novels. (Novels are too long for effective study and workshopping.) Content ranges from speculative fiction, to science fiction, to fantasy of all sorts. Whatever is being puchased by major markets at this moment. (Horror is also acceptable, as are literary and other genres--although feedback will be "lighter" in these areas.)


All sub-genres of Speculative Fiction, Short Stories, Fantasty, Science fiction


To learn from published authors, to help one another, and to improve our writing of short stories. Publishing a story is a goal--but increasing overall writing skill is far more important.

Admissions Policies

Simple: contact group owner(s) and say why you want to join

What we're looking for in members

All experience levels welcome, but must agree to actively participate. Be friendly, but also able to give honest criticism; it's the only way we'll all improve.

Inactivity Policy

Regular participation expected. (If it becomes a problem, we'll work it out.)