Creative Nonfiction Peer Matchup • Last activity 08/Apr

This group is a peer critique group modeled after our agent events (but sans agent!). The group will last for the length of the event, and then will be dissolved. How it works: Creative Nonfiction writers submit pieces at the event start, then exchange critiques on their work. After the critique deadline, we will do a debrief call or a discussion on the critique page. As Nonfiction can contain sensitive material, please reach out to group facilitator Tiffany Kassab with preference for either a group debrief call or group debrief discussion on discussion board of critique page, or if you'd like to opt out of discussions all together and only critique. Submissions should be 4000 words and under. **This group is for writers looking for fresh eyes and for writers interested in finding writing partners and/or forming/adding to writing groups. When you request an invite, let the group facilitator know which camp you're in. Then, if we have more than 8 people interested, Tiffany will split the group along those lines.


To help one another write stronger manuscripts. To meet like-minded writers. Maybe to meet a critique partner or two! :D

Admissions Policies

Creative Nonfiction writers with drafts ready to share. Please self-edit your work for technical issues first so that your fellow group members can focus on the story level.

What we're looking for in members

Engagement, support and a spirit of exchange. Thoughtful critiques that address the strengths of the story and opportunities for improvement. When you join, you commit to critiquing all submissions.

Inactivity Policy

Everyone is expected to critique all manuscripts. We'd love to get as many as possible onto the discussion call or participate in debrief discussion on critique page, but understand that schedules don't always work. :)