Picture Book Peer Critiques - May 2018 • Last activity 08/Apr

This group is a peer critique group modeled after our agent events (but sans agent!). The group will last for the length of the event, and then will be dissolved. How it works: picture book writers submit pieces at the event start, then exchange critiques on their work. After the critique deadline, we will do a debrief call. Fiction submissions should be under 1000 words, nonfiction should be under 1500 words. **This group is for writers who want this kind of event with Inked Voices community members, but who are not necessarily looking for ongoing critique partners.


Help each writer improve their manuscript to help it towards completion.

Admissions Policies

All picture book writers welcome. Preference will initially be given to writers who have not done a recent fresh eyes event - but still contact if interested and I will give spots to repeat folks first come, first serve.

What we're looking for in members

Thoughtful, constructive critiques and group engagement focused on helping each writer and their manuscript shine.

Inactivity Policy

Writers are expected to critique all work.