The Hungry Caterpillars • Last activity 12/Oct

We are an international group of fiction picture book writers, who work on a number of different manuscripts at various stages. We seek publication and help each other to reach that goal.

Our critiquing guidelines are:

- ALWAYS try to help your fellow writers to better their manuscript NEVER try to make it your own

- ALWAYS see the big picture first NEVER lose yourself in editing comments

- ALWAYS ask questions and make suggestions NEVER assume that you know better

- ALWAYS try to not only state what doesn't work, but also why it doesn't work plus make a suggestion on how it could be fixed


Help each other readying our picture book mansucripts for publication.

Admissions Policies

Tell us about yourself, share 3-5 favourite picture books or picture book authors and the beginning of one of your PB manuscripts.

What we're looking for in members

Active PB writers who understand the value of critiquing and are willing to help their fellow writers by objectively commenting on their work.

Inactivity Policy

If we are unable to submit a manuscript or critique, we post a notice on the discussion board.