Picture Book Peer Critique Jan 2019

***CLOSED***  Start the New Year off right!  Submit a story- whether a fairly polished story you are about to submit or an early draft in need of some brain storming- to your peers.  We will have 2 weeks to critique each others' stories.  (Depending on group size, you will be responsible for critiquing 3-7 manuscripts.  Usually, these fill up, so 7 most likely).  After that, we will have an optional debrief phone call for those that can make it.  The phone call is nice to ask any additional questions, and also just to get to know each other a little better.  The exact time of the phone call will be determined later, based on the group members' locations and time zones.  


picture book


To help each other refine and polish our stories. To start off 2019 with a bang!

What we're looking for in members

People who are willing to dig into one another's manuscripts and "give" as much as they would like to receive.