Picture Book Peer Critiques - April 2019

This is a single-submission peer critique group for picture book manuscripts. The group lasts for the length of the event, and then will be dissolved. Picture book writers submit 1 manuscript at the start of the event, then exchange critiques of one another’s work. Fiction submissions should be under 1,000 words; nonfiction submissions should be under 1,500 words. Manuscripts can be a fairly polished story you are about to submit, or an early draft in need of some brainstorming, or at any stage in between. Each group member critiques all the manuscripts posted (except, of course, their own). Depending on the group size, you will be responsible for critiquing 3-7 manuscripts. We will have 2.5 weeks to critique the other stories.

After the critique deadline, we will have an optional debrief phone call for those that can make it. The purpose of the phone call is to ask any additional questions, and also just to get to know each other a little better. The exact time of the phone call will be determined later, based on the group members’ schedules and time zones.


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Help each writer improve their manuscript.

Admissions Policies

Picture book writers committed to continued learning and open to constructive feedback.

What we're looking for in members

Thoughtful, constructive critiques and group engagement focused on helping each writer and their manuscript shine.

Inactivity Policy

Writers are expected to critique all work.