Camp NaNoWriMo 2019

This is the July cabin for the Camp NaNoWriMo writing challenge. You don't have to be an official participant to join us here in this space, but if you do want to get official, sign up at

So, what happens in this group? 

  • Writers check in weekly with the group to share the progress they are making towards their individual writing goals
  • This is also a place to commiserate/bounce off of/ support fellow writers undertaking the challenge
  • And we will do prizes. At least one, probably two. It depends on how many are "camping"!
  • There may be ad hoc virtual write-ins. Members are free to create a standing writing time, too, for other campers to join in on.

What kind of goal can you set?

  • Writing time
  • Word count
  • Pages written
  • Pages revised
  • Yep: it can be anything. Pick a goal for the month that fits YOU.

All in all, we hope this will be a cozy spot for writers seeking to a spring writing challenge for themselves. Pull up a chair, and join us! 


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To support members in their July writing challenge - whatever that looks like!

Admissions Policies

All are welcome

What we're looking for in members

Shared support and enthusiasm for writing projects