Peer Critique, one-off (October 2019)

Get feedback on a completed piece of literary fiction, upmarket fiction, or creative nonfiction. A great introduction to other IV writers' work and their critique styles. Open to anyone interested, but especially for writers looking for new ongoing critique partners or groups; these often form organically after one-time workshops like this one.


Creative Nonfiction, literary fiction, Upmarket Fiction


To get meaningful feedback on manuscripts and learn how to improve them, and to meet fellow literary fiction, upmarket fiction, and creative non-fiction writers.

Admissions Policies

Writers with at least one publication interested in giving and receiving positive, constructive feedback. Some experience with critique is highly recommended.

What we're looking for in members

Enthusiastic writers with at least one publication interested in learning and growing from one another. Also essential is interest in real-time conversation; attendance at the two-hour debrief on October 30th is a requirement. It's great if you're a writer looking for more critique partners or a small group, but not required. For creative nonfiction writers, it will work best if your piece is literary vs journalistic or academic/research-based.