Mystery and Thriller Pop Up Peer Critiques • Last activity 15/Apr

This "pop up" critique group is for mystery, crime, and thriller writers working on novels or short stories. It's open both to writers who are actively (or gently) looking to meet writing partners and those who are looking for fresh eyes. The way a "pop up" group works is this: folks join the group and submit their work at the submission deadline, in this case September 9th. After that, participants have 2 weeks to read and critique fellow participants' work. We will finish the group with an optional debrief call (people who elect to do the call are usually glad they did - it's really nice to connect with people by voice).

After the round of exchange, participants can connect with anyone they clicked with and ask about ongoing exchange in sections, or about exchanging full novels. Occasionally a whole group will decide to continue. Before deciding, do find out if your pace will work out - a person ready to share a whole novel is probably not a great fit with a person interested in trading 3000 words a month. Consider the fit of your work, critiquing style, and personal logistics. :D

This group will be capped at 6 participants, so you will be responsible for no more than 5 critiques.

Submissions are 4000 words. Please share a synopsis of your work as a submission note when you submit. This doesn't need to be fancy. The reason for the synopsis is to give your reader an idea of where your work will go, which is helpful for commenting on story level issues in your first pages. I will include instructions on how to use a submission note in the group welcome.



Book-length works (Literary)


To get constructive feedback in order to move forward on revisions, to meet fellow mystery, crime and thriller writers. To have fun!

What we're looking for in members

Thoughtful, constructive critiques.