Poetry Pop-up, April 2021 • Last activity 06/Jun

Hello! This is a time-limited group for writers of poetry meant for adult readers. The group lasts about a month's time, and you'll submit your own work, plus critique the work of your group-mates. We'll finish with a debrief call. By the end, you will have fresh insights on reader reactions to your work, and if we are lucky, some of you might enjoy continuing to work together. 

Submit a single poem or 3-4 poems, grouped together in one submission document. (I've set the word count max at 2,000 words, but I expect most submissions will fall well below that.)



Poetry (Poetry)


To exchange meaningful feedback that helps one another move projects forward. To meet potential critique partners.

Admissions Policies

If you'd like to participate, request an invite and I'll add you.

What we're looking for in members

Timely submissions, thoughtful notes, supportive critiques.