United in Ink • Last activity 24/Apr

For those who want a collaborative writing community experience! This group is for sharing ideas in a public setting, working off each other's unique creative energies, and having fun writing together. We will feature exciting writing games within the discussion board and other creatively stimulating activities such as role play and flash fiction. The only limit is your imagination!
Come see for yourself, and discover the chaotic magical soup that only exists within the space of collaborative storytelling. Come join your pen with ours, and become united in ink!



Short Fiction (Literary, upmarket or general, Historical, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Other Speculative Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Romance)
Poetry (Poetry)
Flash Fiction (Flash Fiction)
Short Nonfiction (Essay, Others)


Middle Grade (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure or Mystery, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Graphic Novel, Memoir, Nonfiction)
Young Adult (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Graphic Novel, Memoir, Nonfiction)


To have fun writing together.

Admissions Policies

Must have intention for regular activity. A collaborative writing group doesn't exist without... collaboration.

What we're looking for in members

Adventurous spirit, tolerance to all types of folks and their ideas, willingness to work together, desire to have fun.

Inactivity Policy

If you aren't participating, how can we be sure you exist in this realm? Everyone knows ghosts don't actually write. After thirty days of ghost-like behavior, I will assumed that is what happened. If you let me know you'll be out for a while beforehand, I'll put my photon pack away. For now...