Add documents to your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is completely private to you alone. Your group cannot see your documents unless you submit them. Adding a document is the first step in that process. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Dashboard. Scroll down to the Projects area.
  2. Use the New Project button to create a new project. A Project is a folder you can use to keep drafts of a manuscript together. Save. Now you will see the project in your Projects area.
    NOTE: you are able to submit the same document to more than one group. When you do, your critiques will appear nested under the document with a notation of the group name.
  3. Click Add Document. You’ll see a Create New Document window. Give your doc a title. Upload a .docx file or copy and paste your work in and then Save.
    Bold, italics, underlines and bullets should transfer over. Font types, styles and formatting (including paragraph indentation) should not. Standard formatting lets readers focus on the text more easily when critiquing.
  4. Your document will now appear below the project header.
    Click the ellipsis (three dots) to the right of your document to take the following possible actions:
    • View your document by clicking the document name
    • Edit your document title or text.
    • Submit your work to a group.
    • Download your work as .html
    • Delete your document and its critiques. Deleting removes the document and its critiques. This is not the same as removing a submission.
  5. Verify that your formatting looks right by clicking the document title to view. Use the Edit link to make any changes to the text or title.