Submit material to a group

  1. From your Dashboard, scroll down to Projects.
  2. Find the Project and then expand it with the + to its left.
  3. Choose your document by clicking the ellipsis (three dots) at right and selecting Submit.
  4. Choose which group to submit to. The list will include all of your groups, unless...
    • You have already submitted the document to the group. Add a new document to have your group critique a revision.
    • You do not have enough credits. Some groups use a credits system where you must spend credits to submit. Give critiques to earn credits.
  5. Check the box to add Sbumission Notes. Use this area to guide critiquers. For example, request an area of focus for their feedback, or summarize material from previous chapters if there are new members in the group.

Submit the same document to multiple groups by repeating this process.

Move Submissions to Review

Move your submission to the Review period early. To close the submission to further critique. This action allows your group to review comments for learning or discussion.

Use this option when...

  • You have enough feedback on your manuscript
  • Your feedback deadline occurs before the due date within the group. In this case, moving your documents to Review prevents members from giving feedback you can't use.
    1. Go to the Critique panel on your Group's workspace.
    2. Click Move to Review to the right of your submission.

Remove submitted material

If you submit your work and realize you goofed, you can remove it.

  1. Go to the Critique panel on your Group’s page.
  2. Click Remove to the right of your submission.
What happens to your credits?

Remove work before it is critiqued

Any credits used are returned to you. Make any changes and resubmit.

Remove work after it is critiqued

You will lose your credits. This is out of courtesy to your fellow group members. If there is an eyeglasses symbol next to your piece, there is a critique in process and you will lose your credits.

Removing your critiqued material

You may remove your work from the Critique or Review tab at any time and for any reason. When you do, your manuscript and its critiques will still be available on your Dashboard.