March 2020

Community Write-In

We're all adapting to change right now, whether it's working from home, shifting hours, virtual schooling, or shifting how we interact with our communities - and in times of stress, it can be hard to be creative. But creativity gives us joy and that helps us be present and positive for ourselves and those around us. That is why Inked Voices and San Diego Writers, Ink are tag teaming to bring you a community yoga style writing session. Kristen Fogle, author of Dare to Write, will lead us through 2-3 prompts during this 45 minute session. There's nothing to prepare in advance and we promise you will leave with filled pages. We hope you'll feel more centered, too.

Lecture replays are available after the free trial ends. To end your trial early, email .

About Lecturer

About Brooke McIntyre

Brooke McIntyre is the founder of Inked Voices, an online literary organization that helps writers build community and level up their craft through its writing groups, workshops, and webinar lectures. She’s passionate about bringing opportunities for education, practice, and feedback to an online space while connecting with people on a human-level. Brooke is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and she received her MBA from the University of Michigan. She lives with her husband and two kiddos in Brooklyn.