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In Inked Voices, I have found a space that has galvanized my fastest writing growth ever.

- Kim Ryall Woolcock
Author of the forthcoming Design Like Nature: Biomimicry for a Healthy Planet (Orca Book Publishers, 2021)

I grew up on Gotham's online classes and have yearned for an online writing group ever since. With Inked Voices I found a great writing group and a site with first class functionality. The critique and review pages are smooth, intuitive and helpful for both the people critiquing and the person submitting. It crushes anything out there!

- Rob Adams
High concept Thriller writer, Saint Paul, MN

As a writer, I feel that constructive criticism is essential to the process. Having a group of fellow authors who can provide objective insight on your work makes all the difference when it comes refining your story and belonging to a writer’s group provides that kind of support and encouragement. The problem with most such groups is that they meet in person and that involves time, travel in inclement weather, and the need to coordinate everyone’s busy schedule. Inked Voices provides the ideal solution. Your group can share ideas online, submit work for others to critique, and provide feedback to fellow writers. The group I belong to has members from all parts of the country as well as Europe. We met while taking an online class and Inked Voices has allowed us to continue to work together to improve as writers. If you’re looking to form your own writing community and are looking for an effective way to make that happen, I highly recommend Inked Voices.

- Jack Maconaghy
Dekalb, IL

I came to Inked Voices through a poet-friend as an opportunity to join a community of other women poets who would provide each other feedback on our work in a safe environment. I have found the Inked Voices critiquing tool to be easy to navigate and user friendly, with the capability to give line-by-line and overall, high-level feedback. What has been so valuable to me is the virtual workshop environment has allowed all of us to share work in progress in a timely manner and get the early feedback we need to go improve our work. Thank you to founder Brooke McIntyre for creating such a useful and community-building site!

- Yvonne Higgins Leach
Poet, Snohomish, Washington

Inked Voices has become an interesting and informative way to get others to look at my work. These fellow writers, who were previously unknown to me and have no preconceived opinions, give honest and encouraging support. Thoroughly recommended.

- Susan van Ling
Contemporary Fiction Writer, Yorkshire, UK

I had been in and out of so many critique groups. The problem is you don't know if you're a good fit with people until you're in the thick of it...The peer critique groups as well as the agent/editor groups are so great because you get to know people and you get to know their stories and their writing style and their critquing style...I've been in a critique group [with other Inked Voices members] for one and a half years and it's really just upped by writing game immensely. So I definitely have Inked Voices to thank for that. Besides the convenience of the peer critique groups and being a great place to meet critique partners, #3, the agent/editor workshops are incredible. They're basically like the peer critique groups...but at the end the agent/editor critiques everyone's...Besides feedback on your own, they're also neat because you critique other people's and then you get to hear what the agent or editor had to say about them - so it really helps you develop your own critiquing skills and it starts to help you see things in your own stories..Then, finally they have these write-in's...Just knowing there are other Inked Voices writers on the other end of the internet just makes you feel like you have to accomplish something. It gives that extra oomph.

- Ryan Roberts
Picture Book Writer

I mainly write picture books, middle grade, and poetry, and I’ve found Inked Voices to be a supportive online writing community for writers of all genres at any stage of the writing journey. It’s a safe space to find critique groups, beta readers, manuscript swaps, as well as workshops and webinars. The included webinars are a wonderful way to learn more skills and deepen craft from the comfort of home. I’ve also participated in a picture book workshop with an agent and a middle grade workshop with an editor. The editor workshop, in particular, was a fabulous experience that helped me improve my structure skills. In addition, I participated in a pop-up middle grade critique group and a chapter book swap. There are many opportunities to get fresh eyes on a manuscript or to find a critique partner or group. The picture book community is fantastic for resource-sharing, such as learning about new picture books, contests, and inspiration. They are an active, supportive, and generous bunch. Writing is a solitary endeavor. Frequent write-ins on the forum provide both accountability and community. I find them to be a fun way to get some writing, revising, brainstorming, or outlining done. Inked Voices offers many opportunities no matter what type of writing you do. If you're a writer, you'll find a good home here!

- Jennifer Raudenbush
Children's Book Writer

I can't express how grateful I am for the Inked Voices platform. Finding a community of like-minded writers has completely turned around my writing experience. Being held accountable in my weekly writing goals, finding fantastic critique partners, and discussion forums where we can celebrate (or vent,) about all things KidsLit has given me a new sense of purpose and drive. Brooke is constantly looking for opportunities to not only enhance the IV platform experience but perhaps, more importantly, she goes out of her way to facilitate connection between writers and to ensure we all feel like a valued part of the community she has built.

- Emily Bailey
Children's Writer

Inked Voices has been a life saver for me! I really struggled to find a solid critique group. There aren't any in-person groups in my area that focus solely on picture books, and other online options weren't right for me. I was thrilled when I found Inked Voices! The peer critiques are always solid; I receive thoughtful, thorough feedback that opens the door for a strong revision. Giving critiques has also made me a much stronger writer. I am so thankful to Inked Voices for providing this space for writers to connect and grow.

- Katie McLaughlin
Picture Book Writer, Pennsylvania

Inked Voices has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to provide detailed critiques with inline comments. It is possible to do all the same things using email and the review menus in MS Word attachments, but the result is mess of downloaded files and there is no easy way to compare comments from different editors. There are lots of other cool features, but it's well worth the modest fee for this alone.

- Lada M.
Writer, Narooma, Australia

As I began the second draft of my novel, I began looking for a high-quality, collaborative online workshop to help me with editing. I had tried several other sites before and given up. I stumbled across Inked Voices by accident and I was hooked immediately by its simplicity, the personal interest helping me find a suitable group, and the small-group intimacy. Brooke was great in helping me find my way and continues to be accessible and open to ideas. She is keenly focused on enhancing the site so members can improve their writing and build friendships with critique partners. I have found several groups with whom I’ve become close. My groups have schedules and I can depend on members participating. The credit and submission criteria are straightforward and 100% in the hands of the group. The quality of writing and reviews have been dramatically better here than elsewhere and I have seen a marked improvement both in my writing and my ability to provide effective critiques. I feel part of an intimate community, and am overjoyed with the experience.

- T.W.

Inked Voices has been a wonderful critiquing tool and writing community. I enjoy the connections forged with other writers, and the tools are sophisticated, intuitive and easy to use.

- Mistina
Novelist, New Jersey

I live in a community where I've found it challenging to connect with other writers. Inked Voices gives me the community, accountability and support I need to continue my growth as a writer.

- Angelyn
Mystery/Thriller writer, Tennessee

I love it! It really is the first crit group I've belonged to that has truly helped my writing. In the year I've been here, the novel I've been working on has just improved tremendously. Between the two groups I'm in, I've been getting some really wonderful, constructive feedback.

- Aiko Elizabeth
New York

For several years, I searched for a literary home. I tried several in-person workshops, classes, and countless online writing communities. I knew what I was looking for but that something did not appear until I found Inked Voices. What does Inked Voices have that so many other communities lack? For one thing, its size makes it possible to feel like a small town with a big reach, meaning tons of diversity in membership and offerings. For the first time in my life, I found myself in a critique group with writers of similar levels of professionalism and accomplishment. Inked Voices also offers workshops about agents and author platforms and all of that non-writing stuff that used to terrify me. The membership fee is very affordable and the founder, Brooke, is committed to building a community, which means that member proposed ideas are actually seen through. Perhaps the best part of Inked Voices is the openness and positive vibe in the community. I’ve found critiques to be precise, pointed, but always constructive and encouraging. And Brooke is constantly making herself available, to help fledgling groups find their roots, to help new writers find groups that are a good fit, and to continually expand what the community offers. If you’re looking to be part of a group of writers who are committed to both their craft and to a literary community, I highly recommend Inked Voices. It’s made a huge difference in my life: I’m a happier writer and certainly a more skillful and resourceful one since I joined.

- Gail Marlene Schwartz
Writer, Canada

I have to admit that I couldn't understand why writers would pay for a site for critique groups when there are so many free options. Then, two writers I respect wanted to start a group here, so I joined. I was amazed at all the perks! Not only is it easy to make sure our group meets submission and critique deadlines with a maximum word count, but we each see a clean manuscript while critiquing and then can view all the comments on one document. As a bonus, all critiques are stored on a dashboard, so it's easy to go back and see everything we've submitted through Inked Voices. An unexpected perk are the wonderful webinars--and especially the agent workshops. I'm so grateful that I was granted a diversity scholarship to one led by Lara Perkins that was a huge boost to my writing craft. Lara was incredibly generous with her time and knowledge, both on the site and our phone call at the end. I also love the chance to have some fresh eyes from peer group critiques and the wonderful discussion groups. Brooke is extremely helpful if anyone has tech questions or suggestions and goes out of her way to make Inked Voices as strong as possible.

- Mindy Weiss
Children's Writer

I came across Inked Voices when I was looking for a way to connect to other writers as well as getting my work critiqued. I live in Berlin and there simply was no children's book writing community. I found all I was looking for in Inked Voices and so much more. I felt at home right from the start, since I got lots of help and personal contact while finding my way around the platform. Within a couple of weeks I was part of a critique and an accountability group. Those groups helped me grow so much over the years, as a writer working on my craft but also with critiquing and taking critiques in return and finally leading groups and building community. By now I have an online writing community here at Inked Voices and a local one, that I helped building myself, in Berlin. Inked Voices keeps supporting and pushing me and still gives me more and more opportunities to hone my craft and bring my projects forward. THANK YOU!

- Michaela Bellach
Children's Writer, Berlin, Germany

Inked Voices has played a large role in helping me launch my career as a picture book author. It has helped me connect with invaluable critique partners who are now my some of my dearest friends and my support system. Through Inked Voices, I also connected with a group of querying authors where we exchanged queries, shared submission opportunities and supported one another through the querying process. I have participated in the monthly picture book critique groups, which have been a wonderful way to get fresh eyes on my work from other serious picture book writers. I have done a number of the agent and editor workshops. These workshops have helped me learn and grow from leading industry experts and to polish my work. One editor I met in inked voices is now publishing the manuscript that we workshopped together. If you are serious about your craft and connecting with other serious writers, I can’t recommend Inked Voices enough!

- Charlotte Offsay
How to Return a Monster (Beaming Books 2021), The Big Beach Cleanup (Albert Whitman 2021)

I was led to Inked Voices through an online class with the Gotham Writers Workshop. On a technical level, the site is beautiful, easy to navigate, and conducive to the discussion and feedback that keeps a critique group alive and flourishing. From the discussion boards to the user-friendly critique interface, everything has been designed and built with the writer and critiquer in mind. But more than just the site, I am in love with the supportive presence of Brooke McIntyre, its founder. I started a new group for short fiction writers, and she was there from the get go, offering to answer questions, and checking in. She even gave me notes on other groups I could join whose genre-focus and style of feedback were a good fit for what I was seeking. Her receptivity to feedback on the site itself is first-rate. By being on Inked Voices, I've joined a community of writers that feels as alive and educational for me as anything I have ever experienced in-person. I encourage every growth-seeking writer to try it.

- Hannah
Whidbey Island, WA

I had not heard of Inked Voices before I did, and won, camp NanoWriMo July 2014. I am relatively new to novel writing, and some people who proofread for me suggested that a critique group might be a good idea for me, so I was pleased to see that this group was one of the official sponsors. Since I have been a member, I am getting to know people in the small critique groups within Inked Voices, and I have set two groups up myself. I have also received some critiques. Inked Voices is well organised, and a great place to meet fellow writers and discuss and review your work. I have already spread the word about it to people! A great place to start if, like me, you're just starting out in writing.

- Katherine Claire Hayward
Writer, Madrid, Spain

Inked Voices was created with the writer’s workshop in mind. My private Creative Non-fiction group helps me see things that I would have missed on my own and serves as a filter before I workshop my pieces at the New School, allowing me to focus on the heart of the story instead of worrying about the nuts and bolts. It would be ideal for campus workshops because the in-line critiques are often more comprehensive than those done on hard copies. It also saves the paper we burn through with all the necessary revisions.

- Gigi Blanchard
Creative non-fiction, Brooklyn, NY

After just one month as a member, Inked Voices has given me the support, stability, and structure to achieve deadlines of both a personal and professional nature. I highly recommend this tool for writers of all skill levels, ages, and genres with dreams of one day sharing their words with the rest of the world. Happy writing!

- Kananileialoha Kawika
Fantasy Fiction Writer, Kapolei, Hawaii

IV has transformed my way of receiving and sharing new writing projects. While face-face peer-reviews are nice in theory, in the literary world a lot of writers are better suited sharing their voice (and honest opinions) on paper (that’s why we’re WRITERS!). Through IV I feel more connected to a larger pool of peers with an even more diverse selection of writing styles. My temporary escape from my own world of lit through critiquing is an absolute must, and making new friends along the way is only a bonus as well. I hope others at IV share the joys and inspiration I have in just the few short months I’ve been here!

- Tera J.
Oak Creek, Colorado

Brooke (founder of InkedVoices) is always willing to help you with anything you need to have a positive experience on the site, and she cares about the people who have joined our writing community. I think that's what makes IV unique--it's constantly evolving because Brooke wants us all to be invested in it and each other so we can all be successful.

- Tasha B.

Living outside of the USA has made it difficult for me to attend live conference, so I was thrilled to discover Inked Voices agent/editor critique events. I think I've learnt the most from them of anything else that I've done across all different writing programs. Not only did I get invaluable feedback on my manuscripts and learn a ton, I've connected with many dedicated writers. I highly recommend this community for anyone wanting to take their writing to the next level.

- Kate Talbot
Author/Illustrator, Germany

Becoming a member of Inked Voices is the best thing I have done in my writing journey. There is always a fabulous lineup of industry professionals who share their expertise during workshops and lectures. I love that writers have the ability to work so closely with agents and editors on their manuscripts. This platform provides a positive environment for writers to collaborate and learn from one another, too. I wish I would have become a member earlier.

- Cathy Breisacher
Author, Cavekid Birthday (Charlesbridge, 2019), Chip and Curly the Great Potato Race (Sleeping Bear Press, 2019)

When you need fresh eyes on a manuscript, Inked Voices is a great place to go. The peer critique participants offered me serious, thoughtful suggestions. I've only been fortunate to participate in one faculty workshop. In that experience, Sean McCarthy was approachable and generous with his time and comments. As a published picture book writer, it's still important to get diverse feedback and I found that at Inked Voices. I only wish I could take advantage of more that Inked Voices has to offer!

- Wendy Greenley
Author, Lola Shapes the Sky (Creative Editions, 2019)