Advanced Picture Book Writing, with Christina Pulles, Spring 2020

February 13th, 2020 - June 15th, 2020

with Brooke McIntyre

Group started

In this workshop, picture book writers will work with editor Christina Pulles and a curated group of peers to revise and polish a manuscript for submission. At the start of the group, writers will submit three stories to determine which story to focus on for the remainder of the workshop. Writers will do a broad revision of the selected story for their second submission, and will polish their work for their third submission. Writers will peer critique one another's work in addition to receiving feedback from Christina. 

Before applying, please be mindful of your schedule to be sure you have the time for critiques and revisions between each round. You should have space in your schedule to spend 1-2 hours per peer critique. The first round is particularly intensive, and even though your notes for this round can be shorter for each story than in future rounds (think one fat paragraph), this still requires a high level of engagement and you will have 15 stories to read. For rounds 2 and 3, you will be reading 5 stories.

From previous participants in Sean McCarthy's Fall 2019 group

"Getting a professional critique is always helpful, but the chance to revise and resubmit several times, and to get feedback as the manuscript grows and takes shape, was so valuable." - Shay

"Great workshop format that allowed me to take one WIP forward; lots of work but well worth the investment of time (and $)." - Val M.

"I loved being able to dive in fully on one manuscript this fall. Now that the workshop is complete, I can also go back and revise my other two initial submissions with the fantastic notes from Sean and the group." - Brooke

This group will be capped at 6 writers.


Who this workshop is for: The workshop is geared towards picture book writers who are farther along in their journey, who are querying, preparing to query, agented, or published. Writers must apply for this group. Apply by 1/5. If there are more than 5 qualified applicants, we will draw spots at random the week of 1/6. If selected, you will have one week to claim your spot.


Group size: 8 writers

Submissions: There will be three rounds of submissions. Writers will begin by submitting 3 stories. After the first round, writers will select a single story to work on for the remainder of the workshop.


Members: $270; Non-members: $325

About Brooke McIntyre

From Albert Whitman's site:

"I am looking to collaborate with creators on novels and picture books that tell stories we haven’t heard before or deliver universal messages in original ways. In terms of novels, I tend to gravitate toward realistic or lightly fantastic manuscripts—I wouldn’t be the right editor for something that’s super high fantasy or sci-fi. I’d love to see a fiction or nonfiction MG or YA project that brings to light an area of history not often talked about in a way that inspires young readers.

I’m open to a wide range of picture books, from nonfiction biographies to stories that are simply silly, and delightfully so. Across all ages, I’m looking for projects authentically voiced by characters from traditionally marginalized backgrounds. A compelling or unexpected friendship at the heart of a story is an easy way to win me over."


Thurs, Feb 13th - Writers submit 3 manuscripts
Sun, Mar 8th - Critiques due (23 days for critiques)
Wed, Mar 11th - Debrief Call #1 8-10:15pm
Mon, Apr 13th - Submission 2 due (33 days for revision)
Mon, Apr 27th- Critiques due (14 days for critiques)
Wed, Apr 29th, 8-10pm - Debrief Call #2
Fri, May 22nd - Submission 3 due (23 days for revision)
Mon, June 1st - Critiques due (13 days for critiques)
Wed, June 3rd, 8-10pm - Debrief Call #3