Guiding Principles

  • 1. Stories are magical.

    Let’s help people create them.
  • 2. Eyes up, ears open.

    Continue, always, the practice of getting feedback from writers and use that insight to innovate. Become better by educating ourselves on new things. Continue learning and improving.
  • 3. Share your voice.

    We <3 Expression. We are passionate about expression through writing and the arts. We all have something to share.
  • 4. There’s room in the sandbox.

    We believe in the power of our peers. Whether it’s working together on a new idea, peer feedback or a conversation, we include different perspectives.
  • 5. Pursue.

    The path can sometimes be rocky, but the view at the top is beautiful. And, hey, the path is too if you look around. We are persistent to achieve our vision.
  • 6. Be humble.

    We are open to knowing more and becoming better. We celebrate our accomplishments, but don’t boast about them. We know that the world is full of talented people; we love it and are wowed by it.
  • 7. Profits follow success.

    We are a business and we need to support ourselves. We will do so by delivering outstanding experiences to our writers and by running Inked Voices responsibly.