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  • Build your own small community of writers by participating in one or more writing groups.
  • Start a new writing group and have complete control. All groups are private, invitation-based, and hideable.
  • Join live webinars and listen to our library of craft lectures (after free trial period)
  • Get member rates on First Pages events and small group workshops, facilitated by agents, editors and writing teachers.
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Your privacy and rights are protected

  • Your material and all rights to it are yours.
  • All groups are private and invitation-only. Submissions and group discussions are completely private to your group.
  • You decide what works to submit to a group and you can remove submissions at any time. Submissions leave your group automatically after a time period set by your group.
  • Individual profile and group profiles are not visible to anyone who is not logged into Inked Voices.
  • Learn more about privacy and protection in our Terms/Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct and FAQs.