Pro Groups

Online writing workshops facilitated by professionals

First Pages Events Multi-month Pro Groups

First Pages Events

Professional feedback on your first pages. Like a conference roundtable, but online.

How it works

  • 1. Sign up for your event

  • 2. Join your group on the event start date (we'll email you your invite)

  • 3. Submit your first pages.

  • 4.

    Exchange critique.

    Participants give one another inline and general comments on submissions. Your Pro will critique each member's work. 
  • 5.


    After comments have been shared, event attendees meet online to share insights and ask questions.
Who should attend?

This workshop is for writers who have completed a manuscript and are interested in getting agent feedback. We recommend putting your best foot forward and self-editing before sharing with the group.

Upcoming First Page Events

Picture Books, with Emily Feinberg

December 1st - December 24th

Focus: Children's Picture Books

Members: $72
Non-members: $90

POV Lecture + Critiques, with Sarah Aronson

December 5th - December 23rd

Focus: Young Adult - Adult - middle grade

Members: $65
Non-members: $90

Middle Grade First Pages, with Alyssa Eisner Henkin

February 13th - March 16th

Focus: middle grade

Members: $83
Non-members: $100

Picture Books, with Jenna Pocius

February 4th - March 4th

Focus: picture books

Members: $74
Non-members: $92

Young Adult Fiction First Pages, with Whitney Ross

February 6th - March 4th

Focus: Young Adult

Members: $83
Non-members: $100

Adult Fiction, with Leslie Zampetti

March 5th - April 6th

Focus: adult fiction

Members: $83
Non-members: $100


Become a better writer with consistent peer and professional feedback.

Peer Workshop

Meet other writers for support, accountability and feedback. Members critique one another’s work, share resources and hold discussions.


Professional Feedback

Get consistent feedback from a professional on multiple chapters or drafts. Get answers to your questions in monthly office hours sessions.

Multi-month workshop groups

Middle Grade PRO Workshop with Author Jen Malone

September 1st - December 20th

Members: $350
Non-members: $405

Young Adult Fiction, Summer/Fall 2019

July 17th - November 27th

Members: $350
Non-members: $410

Advanced Picture Book Writing Workshop, Fall 2019

August 17th - December 11th

Members: $265
Non-members: $305

Historical Fiction Workshop, with Kip Wilson

September 3rd - December 20th

Members: $350
Non-members: $405

Deep Feedback Workshop, MG and YA

September 16th - November 26th

Members: $280
Non-members: $315

Picture Books, Revise and Resubmit Workshop, with Jennie Dunham

September 6th - December 10th

Members: $155
Non-members: $195

Fiction, with Ellen Bryson

January 2nd - April 18th

Members: $355
Non-members: $410

Structure Intensive, with Joyce Sweeney

January 7th - February 10th

Members: $40
Non-members: $75

Advanced Picture Book Writing Workshop, with Stephanie Fretwell-Hill

November 20th - March 11th

Members: $265
Non-members: $310