Young Adult Fiction First Pages, with Karyn Fischer

September 14th, 2020 - October 12th, 2020

with Karyn Fischer

Group started
Preparing your MG manuscript for submission? Get your opening pages critiqued by Karyn Fischer, Literary Agent with BookStop Literary Agency. You'll also meet other serious young adult fiction writers, sharpen your eye by giving feedback and receive the benefits of workshopping with a group - like meeting other writers, and learning by exchanging feedback. How it works: Submit your manuscript to the group when the group officially kicks off on Sep 14th. Then, group members have almost 3 weeks to exchange feedback on one another's work. Karyn will post her critiques towards the end of that time. After critiques are complete, we will have a debrief call where each writer gets individual time with Karyn to discuss both manuscript and writing questions.

Inked Voices & Karyn Fischer are pleased to offer a free spot in Karyn's upcoming YA workshop to a writer of color or from a diverse background. Apply by 8/12.


Who this workshop is for: YA fiction writers interested in market and editorial feedback from an agent and interested in meeting other YA writers.


Group size: 7 writers

Submissions: There will be one submission of your first 3750 words (approximately 15 pages) at the workshop start. Participants should also plan to share their pitch/short summary with their pages. Your pitch is not included in the word count and will not be critiqued.


Members: $95; Non-members: $112

About Karyn Fischer

Karyn Fischer is a children’s book literary agent at BookStop Literary Agency and is actively looking to build her client list. She is particularly drawn to young adult and middle grade novels. Her favorite genres include gothic novels with twisty narratives and dark secrets, historical fiction, literary thrillers, well-drawn fantasy, heart-tugging contemporary stories, and genre blends. Karyn holds an MFA in Creative Writing, has completed three publishing internships, and previously worked as a bookseller and buyer in a small independent bookstore. Her background has given her a unique perspective on the book industry, as well as the skills to find and promote books she loves.

Karyn's editorial style:
"I approach a manuscript the same way I would a telescope—orienting myself with the big-picture view, before I can even think about zooming into the fine details through the viewfinder. My strengths lie in tackling the developmental pieces first—plot, character, voice, setting, etc.—and once the foundation is strong, I move to scene and line-level edits in subsequent rounds."


Monday, Sept 14th- Writers submit
Sun, Oct 4th - Critiques due
Wed, Oct 7th, 8-10pm ET - Debrief Call
Mon, Oct 12th - Group officially closes