September 2023

Tuesday Evening Write-in

<p>Join us for a new write-in time! We will meet for 90 minutes, checking in at the beginning and end. Because this write-in is new, we will decide as a group whether we also want to do a mid-way check-in.&nbsp;</p><p>The write-in is listed as Tuesday evenings, but early risers across the globe, perhaps this time can work for you as well.</p><p>Once you register, you'll have the joining info for all of the February sessions.</p>

Lecture replays are available after the free trial ends. To end your trial early, email .

About Lecturer

About Chris Wilcox& Kim Holster

Chris Wilcox is a writer of adult fiction. She is a lover of emoji and proud defender of the Oxford comma. She's based in Idaho. Kim Holster writes novels for children by night. By day, she teaches music. She lives in Massachusetts.