November 2014

Revealing Character

Professor and former New York Times editor Frank Flaherty shares methods to reveal character

Event Materials

In their words

A character reveals himself with his own words. Frank discusses the technique of capturing a character’s words and shares examples from journalistic interviews and speeches. 31.5 minutes.

6 Methods to convey character

Frank shares techniques to paint vivid, realistic characters. 33.5 minutes.

Resources and Exercises: In their words

A list of resources mentioned by Frank in the lecture and an exercise for practice.

Exercise: 6 Methods to convey character

Try these exercises after viewing the lecture on characters’ motivations.

About Lecturer

About Frank Flaherty

Francis Flaherty worked for 19 years at The New York Times, serving as a columnist, editor, and deputy editor. Today, he is on the adjunct faculty at NYU and Columbia. He is the author of "The Elements of Story: Field Notes on Nonfiction Writing" (HarperCollins) and has written for the Atlantic, Harper's and others.