June 2019

Find Your Voice – and Connect with Your Reader

Have you ever found yourself so immersed in a story that you just didn't want it to finish? That emotional engagement is exactly what an editor is looking for when they talk about the elusive quality of "voice" - and it's important in fiction and nonfiction, from picture books to novels. In this seminar, we'll look at how to find your own unique voice with tips for getting it onto the page. We'll work on connecting with the reader through point-of-view writing, exploring different perspectives, and lots of hands-on exercises to help you overcome all the rules you were taught in school!

Lecture replays are available after the free trial ends. To end your trial early, email brooke@inkedvoices.com .

About Lecturer

About Fiona Kenshole

Fiona Kenshole is a literary agent with the Transatlantic Agency, exclusively specializing in children’s books, from debuts to film deals. She is an accredited member of the Association of Authors’ Representatives, representing picture books through to young adult. Fiona enjoys the editorial midwifery and career management part of being an agent, especially nurturing the creativity of her clients. She maintains close relationships with editors and publishers in New York, London, and Toronto, and film producers and agents in LA. Fiona brings a lifetime of passion and experience of children's and YA books: She was still just a teen when she started working in a children’s bookshop. After graduating from Cambridge University she went on to spend 20 years as publishing director at Oxford University Press, Hodder (the UK arm of Little, Brown), and HarperCollins. Fiona has worked with major names and debut authors on both sides of the Atlantic: Her authors have won every major British children’s literary award and several have become million copy bestsellers. Fiona was nominated for “Editor of the Year” at the British Book Awards. In 2004 she became Vice President of Development Acquisition at Laika Inc. and worked with directors, producers and screenwriters on three Oscar nominated films: THE BOXTROLLS, CORALINE and PARANORMAN. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon, though her clients are scattered throughout the US and the rest of the world.