Smart online workspaces for writing groups

Collaborate privately online, sharing manuscripts, feedback and discussion.


Your Dashboard is your homebase and is completely private to you.

Groups and Critique

Go to your Group to participate in discussions and to give or read critiques.

Make inline comments by selecting text and give your overall feedback at the bottom. Group members each critique a clean copy, but clicking the View All Critiques link will open a new window so you can see one another’s comments.

Find a Group

Join an existing group or create a new one. Search by genre (use “any” if you are interested in a mixed group). Or search by organization name, such as an association you belong to, a workshop or class you’ve taken, or a group like NaNoWriMo. All groups are private and invitation-based.

Create a Group

Create a new group if you’re transitioning your existing online group to Inked Voices, if you want to be a group leader, or if you want to create a group with specific parameters such as genre, experience or submissions frequency. You can customize these when setting up your group (and edit them later too).

Fictionary’s public profile (public to Inked Voices logged in writers only) shows some of the fields you can customize:

After you create a new group, it will display on your Dashboard. You can invite writers to the group by searching for individuals through the Search screen. Or you can wait for writers to reach out to you with interest in the group.

Create and View Your Profile

Every Inked Voices writer has his or her own profile. This lets members of your group get to know you, and you them. We use actual names or pen names (must be plausible!) on the site so people can address each other in discussion and critique. Even with the profile, be sure to introduce yourself to your new group by sending people a message or through the group discussion board.

Inked Voices helps you find a group. Then it helps you run it online, keeping things simple, central, organized and private. Join us!