May 2017

Overcoming Our Negative Thoughts

Self-doubt can come in many variations: depression, extreme shyness, shame and creative blockages. If we don’t fall into self-doubt, we are free to fail, free to write loudly and free to take the paths towards being read widely. So why don’t we? Come ready to clean your mental house so that all that’s left to stay are the self-identities and imagination that serve you.

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About Lecturer

About Rahti Gorfien

Rahti Gorfien is a professionally certified life coach who helps scattered creative entrepreneurs like writers, app developers, performers and filmmakers pull it together and make more money. She is also an adept creativity coach who has been helping artists realize their visions since 1995. Quick credentials: * Certified Life Coach * Certified ADHD Coach * Founder of Creative Calling Coaching * 30 years experience as an actor in New York City. * 4 years Literary Associate of the WorkShop Theater Company * Published Playwright