May 2019

Walking the Trope Tightrope

Romance readers love tropes! This course will explore what craft elements a trope provides (insta-confict? insta-stakes?) and will practice applying those tropes to common writing problems. We’ll examine five common romance tropes in detail: enemies to lovers, surprise royalty, fake relationship, fish out of water, and second chance romance. We will discuss how each trope lends support to the essential elements of your romance and can help you write your book. Tropes are invaluable tool for writers of all genres, so all authors are welcome to attend. Lecture resources include a trope guide and a worksheet to storyboard the elements of your trope.

Event Materials

Walking the Trope Tightrope

Jeanne DeVita discusses how tropes can be used to improve your story, and shares favorite story development techniques. Jeanne draws from the romance category for examples, but her talk will be useful to any fiction writer. 104 minutes.

About Lecturer

About Jeanne De Vita

Jeanne De Vita has been a developmental editor, acquiring editor, and writing instructor for over a decade. She is presently both a developmental and acquiring editor and teaches copyediting, freelance editing, and creative writing at UCLA Extension. She teaches workshops at bookstores such as The Ripped Bodice in Culver City, California, as well as to professional associations and groups both online and in person. She has edited more than 300 romance novels in every subgenre, including books by written by traditionally published and indie bestselling authors.