July 2019

Tension and Desire: How Your Characters’ Deepest Longings Make for Page-Turning Fiction

In this class, we’ll explore the landscape of internal and external goals, overarching desires, emotional wounds, and unacknowledged longings. We’ll parse their different functions and explore how they can best be employed on a scene-by-scene and page-by-page basis. We’ll also discuss when desires should be made overt to the reader and when they should operate in sub-text. Additionally, we’ll work with desire as a tool for creating tension, building apprehension and investment via dialogue, exposition, internal monologue, and more. Prepare for some hands-on work during this class!

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About Lecturer

About Lorin Oberweger

Lorin Oberweger is a highly sought-after independent book editor and ghostwriter with more than twenty-five years experience in publishing. Her company, Free Expressions, offers writing workshops nationwide, and she’s known for her one-on-one story mastermind weekends. An award-winning author, Lorin has six traditionally published books (four fiction, two nonfiction), including BOOMERANG, REBOUND, and BOUNCE, published by Harper/William Morrow. Two more are due for publication in 2020. Her work has appeared in well over one-hundred periodicals, and her books have received glowing reviews from the New York Times, USA Today, Kirkus Reviews, and others.