Craft of ...Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writing • Last activity 29/Feb

A gathering place for writers. Includes Speculative Fiction. Science Fiction (all sub-genres such as hard, soft, space opera, etc.) Fantasy (all sub-genres such as Urban, High, Historical, etc.)  Science Fantasy, Horror (with elements of supernatural / fantasy etc.) Utopian and Dystopian, Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic, Alternate History, *Punk (Steam, Silk, etc.) Paranormal and Supernatural, Superhero and Magical Realism.  This also includes YA and Adult variations.   I will kick the group off in September of 2022.  I would this to be a place for discussion on the 'craft of SFF writing',  book analysis, craft studies etc on a monthly basis - We can also pick the topic  we will discuss (or take apart) as a group a month ahead of time (*September might also be an outline I throw up of what we will discuss/dissect going forward so we have an idea of what is coming for the first 3 months Oct-Nov-Dec).



Novels (Literary, Upmarket, Relationship fiction (sometimes called Women’s Fiction), Historical fiction, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Crime, and Thriller, Romance)
Short Fiction (Flash Fiction, Literary, upmarket or general, Historical, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Other Speculative Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Romance)
Poetry (Poetry)
Nonfiction (Memoir, Narrative nonfiction)


Understand elements of craft that can be tangibly converted to our writing. Also, understand what is being discussed or written in the genre.

Admissions Policies

This group has a zero-tolerance policy against racist, sexist, harassing, or otherwise offensive behavior. Writers who engage in this behavior against the moderator or fellow writers, or present material that promotes this behavior, will be removed from the workshop. *No rape or child harm stories for discussion.

What we're looking for in members

Members who will elevate the discussion or analysis - my only goal is for us all to become excellent writers - who will achieve publishing success.

Inactivity Policy

All members will be expected to contribute something monthly (a short discussion, observation, analysis - whatever is up for that month). If you are having a busy month - just let us know - but 4 weeks SHOULD give us enough room to contribute and be involved.