We Are Epic • Last activity 15/Jan

A group created for writers who face all the unique problems that come with world building and crafting for epic settings, characters, themes, and plot lines, where the stakes are high, and involve not only the individual character(s) in the story, but also relate and tie into the entire fate/history of the world(s).  



Novels (Fantasy, Science Fiction)


At this point flexible. Possible submissions to the group might be based upon what makes sense story wise [within a certain word count limit] for the critiques to get a good enough view of a section of the story verses a submission based solely around a specific word count.

What we're looking for in members

Searching for dedicated writers who are working on lengthy projects in the Epic category, whether currently in the middle of a first draft or having already completed one, but looking to refine it. This group has the expectation of honing in on creating something excellent whether it's refining aspects of the writing itself or ironing out plot holes/character issues that come with writing about worlds, cultures, magic, and tech that don't exist in our world.