May Pop-up: Advanced Picture Book Biographies • Last activity 27/Feb

We are limiting this group to 6 people, so you will be responsible for doing 5 critiques between 5/18/23 & 6/1/23. This is an advanced group--we are looking for writers who have been practicing picture book writing for at least four years and who are either published, agented, or querying. Your picture book writing experience does NOT have to be in biographies, but you must have at a complete pb bio draft to submit. Please make sure you fit the above criteria before signing up. 



Picture Books (Nonfiction)


To provide feedback and discussion that will help each of us head into revision with new ideas and the confidence to integrate those ideas into our next drafts.

Inactivity Policy

Please be prepared to give due diligence to your critique. Because we are requiring four years of experience writing picture books, we expect that you will be familiar with how to present a strong critique. If not, however, please look at the Inked Voices picture book critique guidelines under Resources; the link is: