Distant Worlds • Last activity 02/Mar

This is a new group primarily for writers of fantasy novels. Works do not have to be finished, and writing experience can range from new writer to advanced. We want to foster a welcoming, helpful community that is (hopefully) long-term.

Our main goal is to keep each other on track to finish our novels, so submissions can range from short, partial scenes/chapters to the maximum allowable word count.

We will start with one submission every two weeks, and depending on how manageable the workload is, we can switch to weekly. But stress is not on the agenda, so we can change this at any time.



Novels (Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction)
Short Fiction (Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction)


Young Adult (Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction)


To motivate each other to keep writing, to keep each other accountable, and to critique on a regular basis.

Admissions Policies

Please message a group owner a pitch of your story and what kind of critique style you are looking for. Tell us a bit about how we can help you!

What we're looking for in members

Kindness and accountability. We also want members who understand that life happens, and sometimes we need to take breaks.

Inactivity Policy

If you need a break, just let a group owner know! This group is supposed to be helpful, not stressful. Otherwise, we will check activity levels every month.