June/July Pop-up: Advanced Picture Books - Quiet Stories • Last activity 12/Dec

This is a pop-up critique group for picture books that you (or someone like an agent or editor) have identified as a "quiet" story.  You can submit your manuscript for a critique to either (1) help you change the story so it's NOT quiet or (2) help you keep the story as quiet, but strengthen it to make it more appealing to agents/editors. 

Obviously, any story/format can be a quiet book, but in case you're not sure what I'm talking about, some books from my shelves that I see as quiet are:


MY TWO BLANKETS (Irene Kobold/Freya Blackwood)

THE CAPABARAS (Alfredo Soderguit)

LOVE IN THE LIBRARY (Maggie Tokuda-Hall/Yas Imamura)

WALTER HAD A BEST FRIEND (Deborah Underwood/Sergio Ruzzier)

AMAH FARAWAY (Margaret Chiu Greanias/Tracy Subisak)

DEAR MR. G. (Christine Evans/Gracey Zhang)

This group will be for advanced picture book writers (and critiquers). Please see guidelines below before you submit an invite request. 



Picture Books (Fiction)


To give and receive critique feedback that will help all members move their current manuscript closer to the "ready" stage for querying agents or submitting to publishers.

Admissions Policies

The group will have four members (including me!). Please see "What we're looking for in members" for specific criteria for joining the group. Submissions should be fewer than 600 words--preferably under 500.

What we're looking for in members

This group is for advanced picture book writers and critiquers. Members need to have a minimum of three years writing picture books, as well as giving and receiving solid critiques. Members need to be at or very near to the querying/submission stage, with at least three manuscripts ready or almost ready to send out. (The manuscript you submit does not need to be at that "ready" stage.) When you submit an invite request, please describe your writing & critiquing experience, as well as where you are in terms of querying agents and/or submitting directly to publishers.