Practice Makes Perfect: Fiction Prompt Group • Last activity 03/Mar

This is a group for those seeking to improve their craft  through the process of deliberate practice. We will be given prompts that will force us to examine and practice specific skills with the the goal of challenging ourselves, learning, and becoming better writers. We hope to build a community based on encouragement, kindness, and self-improvement. Submissions will be short-form (500 - 2500 words) and prompts will drop on a bi-weekly basis.

A terrific supplemental group for novice, intermediate or advanced writers looking to hone their skills and level-up their craft in a fun supportive environment. 



Short Fiction (Flash Fiction, Literary, upmarket or general, Historical, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Other Speculative Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Romance)


Middle Grade (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure or Mystery, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror)
Young Adult (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance)

What we're looking for in members

Open to writers of all genres, and all experience levels are welcome and encouraged to join, but check your ego at the door! Must be open-minded and willing to experiment and have fun.

Inactivity Policy

This is only a trial run that will go for two months, from October 1st - December 1st. Inactive members will not be forcibly removed.