Literary Endeavors • Last activity 14/Jun

This group is for literary short story writers and novelists who have studied the craft and are looking for feedback on their work.


Create polished work ready for publication.

What we're looking for in members

We're interested in members who are already producing intriguing work but would like some feedback to make sure what they've written is what they intended and has the desired effect. Critiques should be polite but honest. Grammar, spelling, plot, characters, pacing and dialogue should all be part of the critique. Inline comments can handle much of that, but a few paragraphs at the end saying why the writing worked or didn't can be most helpful. When you join, you commit to critiquing all submissions.

Inactivity Policy

Because this is a small group, everyone should critique each submission each month. There will likely be longer works requiring multiple submissions, so continuity in critiquing is important. If you can't make a submission date, please plan to critique the other submissions anyway. If the load becomes too much, we can discuss changes.