The (Creative) Nonfiction Park • Last activity 22/Feb

A place for nonfiction writers in Inked Voices to gather, exchange ideas, discuss writing process, share (and compile) resources, and ask for help.


Q: Why should I join this group?

A: You want to have access to other writers who write nonfiction, too.

Q: How active and committed do I need to be?

A: That is your choice. You can drop in whenever it suits you or you can participate regularly. What we provide here is a space for nonfiction writers to explore, connect, and grow.

Q: I'm new to writing. Can I join?

A: Absolutely. As long as you write and have a desire to get to know other like-minded writers, come on board!

Q: Can I find another writer who matches my interest through this group?

A: Possibly. First, join us. Then look out for any writer or writing that appeals to you. Or, you could post a sample of your work so the others can have a look.

Q: Is this a critique group?

A: No. But you are welcome to share your work if you wish.

Q: How many feedback will I get if I submit my writing for critique?

A: There is no guarantee because this is not a critique group. But you'll have at least one critique from Herna.

Q: Who is Herna?

A: She joined Inked Voices in 2016. She started this group in March 2019 because she saw a need and a potential since the nonfiction writers in Inked Voices were scattered in smaller groups.

Q: What is Herna's writing qualification?

A: She doesn't have any degree in English or Creative Writing but she has been taking writing classes and workshops (eleven is the latest count).

Q: Are there any regular activities in this group?

A: Every month, Herna usually posts writing craft tips, writing prompts, or a brief summary of an interesting article or essay. You are also welcome to let her know if you have any ideas for group activities.

(last update: September 11, 2023)




Nonfiction (Memoir, Narrative nonfiction, Essay, Other Short Nonfiction)


Unite all nonfiction writers

Admissions Policies

You want to connect with other nonfiction writers.

What we're looking for in members

You write nonfiction.

Inactivity Policy

None. Feel free to lurk. Come and go as and when you like. We have no pressure or commitment in this group.