Blood & Guts Thrillers/Crime Fiction/Suspense • Last activity 11/Jun

The goal is to support each other in writing great stories. It's hard to be in a critique group with people who are upset by violence. This group is for people who write and appreciate the bloody side of fiction. Think Steven King, Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner, Chevy Stevens, etc. There will probably be body parts & there will likely be blood. 



Novels (Horror, Mystery, Crime, and Thriller)

Admissions Policies

Potential new members, please submit a writing sample with your request to join. It doesn't have to be long.

What we're looking for in members

Writers who are seeking honest, supportive criticism and who are committed to providing the same for their fellow members, and are not upset by or turned off by emotional and physical violence (that furthers the story). What we're not looking for - graphic sexual abuse of children or animals, celebration of mental/physical/psychological torture, etc.

Inactivity Policy

Life gets in the way, but generally, if you expect critiques you must give critiques.