The Memoir & Essay Writers Critique Group • Last activity 22/Feb

An ongoing critique group for memoir and essay writers. We envision this group to be a place that inspires writing. Because of that, there is no credit required prior to getting a feedback. It means that you do not need to critique first in order to get someone to comment on your work. However, we also strive to be fair. Group members are expected to read and comment on the others' work.

There will be a zoom meeting every quarter. You don't have to join, but welcome to, if you want to put names and photos to voices and faces.

(last update:16/06/22)



Nonfiction (Memoir, Essay)


A place for memoirists and essayists to exchange feedback and support each other's writing.

Admissions Policies

Strictly memoirists and essayists only.

What we're looking for in members

Commitment to read and comment on each other's work.

Inactivity Policy

One month, or you'll be removed. Being a small group capped at only eight members we try to encourage active participation. Even if you've taken a break from writing, please take the time to read and offer your input to those who have posted their work. It's how we grow as writers.