Mystery Thriller Writers (MTW) Community • Last activity 02/Mar

Inked Voices members who write in the mystery / thriller genre will gather via Zoom for a structured 60-90 minute group "Mixer" every six weeks. Each Mixer is anticipated to cover topics such as: elements of craft (plotting, character development, setting, dialogue, etc.), rotating member-led mini-discussions, member news, resource sharing, writer profiles, and upcoming events. Light pre-reading and pre-work may be assigned in advance of Mixers to ensure a focused and instructive session.



Novels (Mystery, Crime, and Thriller)
Short Fiction (Mystery, Crime, or Thriller)


Mission: To bring together writers of mysteries and thrillers from across Inked Voices critique groups to foster community, advance craft, and share resources.

Admissions Policies

All members of Inked Voices who write in the mystery / thriller genre are encouraged to join.

What we're looking for in members

A earnest desire to improve your writing--both general craft and elements specific to the mystery / thriller genre.

Inactivity Policy

Members who have not participated in three straight online "mixers" will be individually messaged to gauge their interest in continuing in the community.