Weekly Accountability • Last activity 03/Mar

This is a group devoted to helping one another along in the journey to get words on the page. We are not a critique group! Instead, we are a group who will support, encourage, discuss, and collaborate to motivate each other.

How it works - 

This group checks in once a week. Members answer the following questions:

  1. What did you read last week?
  2. What did you write last week?

Members may opt to set a goal for this week, to give life updates, or to share professional updates. For example, perhaps you are working to submit your writing to agents or publishers, or working on your author website. The group is a great spot to share your successes, failures, hiccups, and aha's.

Members reply to one another's posts to acknowledge them and offer support. 

This is a new accountability group, kicking off September 2021. The group will start posting and getting to know one another. As the group grows together over time, you may find that you have more than accountability, you also have a community ready to give you a boost when the writing's bad, and ready to do cartwheels when you have success. 

This accountability group is open to writers in any category/genre.

If you go silent, you might be removed from the group after six months. We'll welcome you back when you're ready. It's not personal. You can check in even when you aren't making much head-way on your goals. Maybe especially check in then. 



Novels (Literary, Upmarket, Relationship fiction (sometimes called Women’s Fiction), Historical fiction, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Crime, and Thriller, Romance)
Short Fiction (Flash Fiction, Literary, upmarket or general, Historical, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Other Speculative Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Romance)
Poetry (Poetry)
Nonfiction (Memoir, Narrative nonfiction, Essay, Other Short Nonfiction)


Picture Books (Fiction, Nonfiction)
Early Readers and Chapter Books (Early Readers and Chapter Books)
Middle Grade (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure or Mystery, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Graphic Novel, Memoir, Nonfiction)
Young Adult (Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Crime, or Thriller, Low magic/fantasy, Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Graphic Novel, Memoir, Nonfiction)

What we're looking for in members

Thoughtful, caring support for one another. Readiness to commit to the page and to a group like this. Check-in even when/maybe especially when you aren't meeting your goals.

Inactivity Policy

Removed after six months. Feel free to rejoin when you're ready.